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Titans Chaos: Chap 2
~Authors Notes~
Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans, please don't sue me ;_;
Here's Chapter Two!  I was inspired by a friend to finish Chapter two, but since I got no reviews, it's a bit of a short one again. XD
If you read, please review!
Thanks, and Enjoy ^___^
~End Authors Notes~
As he walked down the hallway, Robin could hear car racing sounds from the TV downstairs, which meant Cyborg and BeastBoy had already started their daily regime of Gamestation 2.  Not to be left out, it sounded like Starfire was saying something about "It is such a glorious day for making meatloaf for breakfast!"  "Guess that rules out talking to him alone for now..."  He said, thinking to himself.  As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he was greeted by Starfire, who was in the kitchen. "Hello friend Robin!  I am making MEATLOAF for breakfast!  Is that not wonderful?"  "... Did you say meatloaf, Star?" He replied, wondering i
:iconslashrob:SlashRob 26 15
Titans Chaos Chapter 3
Note: I don't own teen titans.  *Puts up lawsuit shield* ^_^;
-- Story time!  Quick note; Chapter 3 doesn't pick up immediately where 2 left off.  :)
As Robin lay in his bed, watching TV (At Raven's request that he "Not work himself into the ground") he mused over the last few hours.  He'd been relaxing (Which wasn't actually all that bad) he got to talk to Beast Boy and apologize for yelling at him, and it turned out the local Police had caught the petty theft criminals he had been trying to find.  Robin was actually out of things to do, the Tower was in perfect condition, nothing was malfunctioning, and there were no criminals to catch.  Much as he tried to put it out of his mind; the one thought that plagued his mind still lingered: He enjoyed holding Beast Boy's hand.
It made so many things clear to him, and at the same time, made him more confused.  Did he really LIKE his team mate; a guy at that? 
:iconslashrob:SlashRob 19 9
Titans Chaos Chapter 4
Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans! Only my wonderfully perverted thoughts of what I'd do to Robin and Beast Boy if I could... ^-^
Here's Chapter 4, and It's LONGER!!!! WOO!!! =)
Enjoy! :D
As he walked down the hall, Robin silently thought to himself...
"How am I going to say this? How am I going to approach him? What if the others are in the room?" He pondered quietly.  Each step he took brought him to the heart stopping conclusion he had feared from the beginning...  He had no clue how to say what he wanted to say.  This feeling rushed through his head, like water through opened flood gates, crashing all of his decided plans like dominoes.  Frustrating him like a paper cut on the tip of a finger, this revelation stopped him in his tracks.
Sitting down, bringing his knees in towards his chest, he began to wonder how he would say... what he wanted to say.  Popping the question was all of a sudden a lot harder than it had seemed wh
:iconslashrob:SlashRob 14 24


:: Halucination :: by Liek :: Halucination :: :iconliek:Liek 4,223 420
I need a new hat and I like the buttons espescilly the green one. :fella:
I am surrounded by idiots!  Oboma, idiot; H. Clinton, idiot; Czars, idiots!!  WTF!  Barney Frank; if you saw his speech, please tell if any of that makes sense cuase I must be stupid!  Where are the smart people?!

I watched this movie, Au Revior, Les Enfants, it was about WW2, its inFrench but, if you watch it and put it side by side to the present, you can kinda see where we are going!

The kids are singing for a false Nobel Peace owner,
Our grandparents are going to die pianfully,
The Constitution is bleeding,
Our Fore Fathers are rolling in thier graves!
How long must the Statue of Liberty cry?
If we don't die young I will be suprised.

Don't butt heads!  Attack from the side, cause they sure as hell are and for some reason our pain reseptors are turnt off!  Pain makes you think!  It is there for a reason!  If you stick your finger in a light socket and get shocked; will you do it agian?  I hope not but, from all the informantion in the past, yes!  Please prove me wrong!  Turn your pain reseptors back on!  Feel the pain that is being caused to you and start fighting smart!

"OW!  That hurt! I better not do that agian."  That is the decent thing to say, or be smart and turn the damn electricity off!

You are not handed anything for losing.  The only thing you get is experiance from your lose to do better next time.  I was not taught that as a kid.  I had to teach myself and that was sometime in the 9th grade.  I wrote a shitty paper and got a bad grade.  I did the same thing time and time agian, everytime bad grade after bad grade.  My teachers never gave me an "A".  That is what it took to break that branch.  How long will it take your kids?  How far down the rabbit hole will they fall 'til it kicks in that insanity gets you killed or worse?  Will it be to late?  Or are they going to follow our dumb evil governtment?

Have you seen my chart?  If not here it is in my scraps void-elementsmoke.deviantart.c… , it is also on my front page under webcam, Dark collection, Politics collection, and my Favorites.  Is that enough or do you need more?  If more tell me!  I'll put in other places as well.  'How 'bout our government's ass,' you ask.  Well if that is what it takes, so be it!

I've been crying to this song for a while now.  Crying does not make you weak, it builds character!  And some times its cute depending on whom is crying, but be careful who you let see you cry cause there are some evil people out there and if they are not evil, then just pain mean.

If we don't learn anything this centery, then at least learn this:  Trust no one til they earn it but, everyone gets at least one chance.

"You and me, we'll all go down in history, with a sad Statue of Liberty and generation that didn't agree." -System of A Down

P.S. The title is a french saying.
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